A way to Happiness


I have been thinking about what to write here for quite a while now. But I figured that I should just start writing and see where it will take me. I hope to share some of my views on the world, on life, design and other great topics.

Today I like to talk about the way to happiness, about opening up our eyes for those small things in life that make a difference. Personally I think we should start by taking a look in the mirror and pointing a finger at ourselves. It is so easy for us to point fingers at another person, but I really believe that it all starts with ourselves. (btw: someone once said to me; “when you point your finger at someone, you are pointing with three fingers at yourself”) When you start looking at yourself you will realise that some of your actions are hurting others, without even knowing it. Try to analyse your actions and try to act differently and see how others will react on it. Think before you act and it might get you in the right direction. I hope you realise what an impact this can have on people. For example: that silent friend you find boring and don’t like to talk to. You might make his/her day by only asking about their day. Such simple thing will change not only that person but also you. You are the difference! Start today!

“When life gives you hunderd reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile!”